A multimodal brain: Spatiotemporal network mechanisms and models

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Time Title Speaker

Day 1: Pre-Symposium Workshop 11-Dec-2017
09:30 Introduction to Pre-symposium workshop Dipanjan Roy
09:45 Understanding cognition from brain oscillations Arpan Banerjee
10:45 Tea/ Coffee Break
11:00 Computational Neurology and Large-scale models Dipanjan Roy
12:00 Network models of disease/ Computational Models and tools Markus Butz-Ostendorf
13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 fMRI Experimental design and analysis Dipanjan Ray
15:00 Tea/ Coffee Break
15:30 Integrative methods for clinics/Rehabilitation and low cost intervention Tapan Gandhi
16:30 Brain oscillations from MEG Peter Uhlaas

End of the day

Day 2: Pre-Symposium Workshop 12-Dec-2017
09:30 Granger causality methods and applications to neuroscience data Mukesh Dhamala
10:30 Network models of disease/ Macroscopic models of EEG Peter Robinson
11:30 Tea/ Coffee Break
12:00 Spike-LFP recordings Supratim Ray
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Live Demo fNIRS/EEG/ TMS Aerobe
16 Coffee Break
16:30 The Virtual Brain Viktor Jirsa

End of the day

Day 3: Symposium 13-Dec-2017
09:00 Introducing Speakers/BrainModes-17 Dipanjan Roy and Arpan Banerjee
09:05 Welcome Address by Secretary DBT/ Director NBRC
09:30 Tea/ Coffee
09:40 Brain Network identification and analysis/Dynamic Causal Models Revisited Karl Friston
10:20 Longitudinal dynamic causal models over different timescale Danielle Marinazzo
11:00 Beyond Connection Matrices: Brain Modes based Analysis of Structure and Function Peter Robinson
11:40 Tea/ Coffee
11:50 Wired for music? – a diffusion MRI based study of normative music perception skills Nandini Chatterjee Singh
12:30 The volatility theory of schizophrenia Micheal Breakspear
13:10 Lunch Break + Poster
13:45 Poster Session
15:00 Understanding the role of gamma oscillations in cortical processing Supratim Ray
15:40 The phenomenon of emergence in oscillatory brain networks Viktor Jirsa
16:20 Tea/ Coffee
16:30 Neural Synchronization in Motor Control Andreas Daffertshoffer
17:10 Bridging multiple scales in the brain using personalized brain network modelling Petra Ritter
17:50 Oscillations and Neuronal Dynamics in Schizophrenia Peter Uhlhaas
18:30 Dance of mirror neurons Swati Mohan

Day 4 : Symposium 14-Dec-2017
09:00 Early organization and development of the visual pathways Ghislaine Dehaene
09:40 Experience and age dependent development of neural representations Brigitte Roeder
10:20 Crossmodal plasticity: Recycling pre-existing neural and computational architecture? Olivier Collignon
11:00 Tea/ Coffee
11:30 Brain network oscillations during perceptual decision-making Mukesh Dhamala
12:10 Linking macroscopic brain connectivity and intrinsic brain architecture Claus Hilgetag
12:50 A novel approach to dynamically connect the patient's connectome to genomics and simulation Markus Butz-Ostendorf
13:30 Lunch Break + Poster
14:15 Poster Session
15:30 Language Distance Drives Adaptive Effects in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex Brendan Weekes
16:10 Lanuguage development, higher order cognition/Tree structures and human singularity: brain mechanisms of syntax in language and math Stanislas Dehaene
16:50 Concluding remarks and BM-18 host announcement Arpan Banerjee and Dipanjan Roy
19:30 Neuroscience Social